Orwak Waste Compacting Equipment

We are the Western Australian retailer of Orwak Waste Compacting Equipment, comprising of a comprehensive range of waste compactors and balers. We partnered with Orwak as we believe they are leaders within the industry creating reliable, quiet, smart and sophisticated compaction systems. Balers are ideal for environments where large volumes of materials such as cardboard or soft LDPE plastic are produced, reducing the need for bins on site.

Compactors and balers help keep your site clean and tidy, free up space, and provide a clean waste stream for more effective recycling. By reducing movements of waste from the site introducing a baler is an investment which will lower your waste costs. If you don’t have the upfront capital but still would like the benefits of a baler we can loan the equipment for a fixed term.

More Time

More Space

More Recycling

Connect 2.0

Orwak Connect is a smart option that adds value to your baler. It is a modem-based communication service enabling your baler to send a message when it needs attention. It provides unique supervising opportunities via a web portal, where you can monitor your fleet and view interesting baling statistics. A premium option is a built-in scale for measuring bale weight.

Trial a Baler

Trial our 3120 model Orwak baler with Connect 2.0 system.

3120 is perfect for both cardboard and plastic. The new baler in the COMPACT family offers strong compaction on the spot: compact machine design, yet impressive volume reduction and a bale weight of up to 100 kg. The loading gate is extra wide, 1000 mm! For rich placement opportunities, the 3120 is a single phase unit.

Press force: 6 ton

Bale weight cardboard/plastic: up to 100 kg/130 kg

Orwak Baler

Browse the full Orwak range in the Product Catalogue or get in contact for a waste equipment consultation or baler trial.