We retail a range of products to assist with your waste management – helping to make your waste system simpler and cleaner.

Compostable bin liners

Certified Home Compostable and Commercially Compostable by Australian standards.

Made from Ecopond – a synthetic biodegradable bioplastic combined with plant-starch.

Available in 8L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 120L, & 240L.

Purchase is by the carton.

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Posters and Stickers

Educational posters and bin stickers printed to size. If you are purchasing internal bins from us or are utilising your own bins add our stickers for a clear educational message.

Available in:




Full-Bin-Face (120L/240L)

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Bin Bombs

Bin Bombs are a 100% natural bin deodoriser made locally here in Perth. They are the perfect solution to keep your bins smelling fresh and also naturally deter pests!

Available in volumes:


4kg – special order

10kg – special order

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