WRITE Solutions key focus is providing sustainable options for our clients. We provide comprehensive recycling services which are vital to establish sustainable waste systems. Education goes hand in hand with our recycling services as creating clean waste streams is necessary to ensure your materials can be reprocessed. 

With the increasing concern over our impact as consumers on the environment globally, and in particular here in Australia, recycling is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

We do our best to achieve effective, efficient, and environmentally sustainable ways to recycle and recover resources from all waste streams. Our priority is ensuring that as much material as possible is turned into valuable and reusable resources. We use only the best resource recovery and recycling facilities, purpose-built to process and transform waste materials into reusable products.

Contamination is a significant issue within the recycling industry. As a result large quantities of materials are being sent to landfill or incineration due to non-recyclable items within the waste streams or residue on recyclable material.

Our focus is to increase understanding of correct recycling techniques through education – whether face to face, via support material or social media awareness. As a result our clients create beautifully clean waste streams.

What we offer

We offer a complementary waste and recycling consultation to find the best solution to fit your business. We emphasis single stream recycling to avoid cross contamination, reduce expenses and creating a cleaner resource.

Recycling waste streams we provide are:

  • Commingled Recycling
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Glass (mixed colour)
  • Soft Plastic (LDPE)
  • Containers (drink bottles, cans etc)

An example of how we work with our clients to find recycling solutions is our project with the W.A Police force. We collect 8 million breathalyser straws annually and recycle them locally into farming fence posts. A product that once would have ended up in landfill is now a resource.

Check out our commingled recycling guide:

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cardboard bale for recycling
glass bottles for recycling
commingled recycling - mixed recycling
aluminium cans