Meet the Team

Daragh Maher

Senior sustainability consultant –

Daragh has been involved in the Waste and Recycling industry since 2011. Prior to WRITE Solutions Daragh worked within the waste equipment sector and ran his own consultancy business TTV Solutions. Within both roles he provided businesses with recycling and sustainable waste solutions to reduce costs and labour, increase recycling rates across WA as well as providing product recycling consultation for import salvage companies.

Daragh has a wealth of knowledge across most recycling streams and equipment, as well as a strong interest around organic waste – having researched and visited many organic composting and digester plants in Europe.

Daragh has established various recycling collections for cardboard, PET, LDPE, HDPE and Bulka Bags which are taken to local manufacturers  where possible – the overflow exported to other markets. The most recent of which a project with the WA Police, recycling breathalysers and turning them into farming posts.

Rob Dubé

Managing Director –

Rob brings a wealth of business expertise with a fine record of consistent success in maximizing corporate performance, having repeatedly produced sustained revenue and EBITDA growth in challenging and varied market sectors.

Aside from his own consultancy practice, advising and supervising young start-up companies and small to medium cap businesses, Rob has served in senior executive roles since 1991. Rob is very analytical, a lead-by-example manager, change agent, and mentor as well as visionary leader of staff from all cultures.

Prior to WRITE Solutions Rob was a consultant and adviser in the waste industry for five years helping Toxfree to enter the Perth Waste and Recycling market with the focus on the hospitality industry working with partners such as the AHA.

Rob always strives to reduce a client’s impact on the environment and minimize their costs by improving recovery of waste and diverting at least 80% of all waste from landfill wherever possible.

Sasha Brampton

Operations Coordinator and Client Liaison –

Sasha started with WRITE Solutions as an intern in May 2018 alongside the launch of the Organic Revolution with a strong desire to make a difference in the community by raising awareness around correct waste management and reduction practices.

She has a background in the arts having received a Bachelor of Arts  – Honours in Dance at WAAPA, however wanted to pursue her other long term passion of environmental sustainability.

Sasha has a broad knowledge base around waste reduction practices at home and in business, sustainable living, and the concept of developing a Circular Economy.