Method Recycling Bins

We are the Western Australian distributor of Method Recycling bins – the ideal solution to create an attractive and effective waste segregation system. Method waste systems are completely customisable to suit your environment. Their elegant design is durable, sustainable and will complement your space – the days of hiding bins away are gone.

Made from 50-80% recycled materials and recyclable at the end of their long life.

Two Sizes

Method 60L recycling bin
Method 20L recycling bin

Two Lids

Method touch lid bin
Touch Lid

Method open lid bin
Open Lid

Touch lids open with a gentle touch and trap in odours, they’re best for bins that are emptied less frequently or waste stream’s that are likely to smell such as landfill or organics. Open lids are ideal for dry waste streams, high-flow traffic areas and bins that are emptied regularly.

Colour Coded & Labelled

Colour coded and labelled, Method bins create a clear and sleek waste segregation station to suit your waste. Create your waste station from the streams listed below.

Bag Retainer System

Method’s Patented Bag Retainer System is built into the Sixty and Twenty litre bins to hold bin liners into place and hide them from sight. This makes servicing the bins quick and hygienic for cleaners while keeping your bins looking sleek and tidy.

bag retainer system - tidy bins

HD Connectors

Method’s connectors keep bins in place, firmly attaching the bins side-by-side, back-to-back or to a wall. They’re available for sets of two or three bins but can easily be extended with the expansion kit for larger stations. Connectors are perfect to keep your bins in place, stop bins going missing, and prevent cleaners having to constantly move them back into place. Connectors are essential if you would like to include a customised backboard to your Method station.

HD bin connectors


Method signage options provide clear guidance to staff, customers and/or tenants on how to dispose of waste. Reducing contamination, raising awareness around sustainable waste disposal and boosting a positive brand image for the venue. They can be completely customised to suit your venues aesthetic or you can select one of our standard designs.


We can create a backboard for a single bin or up to a six bin station.


Coloured background option.

Black background option with customised icons and company logo.

Contact us to create a Method waste station tailored to your needs.