Organic Waste

Did you know that by diverting organic waste from landfill via composting we can drastically reduce methane emissions and produce a valuable new resource?

Organic waste in landfill degrades anaerobically producing methane as a by-product, whereas when we compost organic waste it is exposed to oxygen and decomposes aerobically. This avoids the production of methane and creates a nutrient rich product. Using compost on soils will increase the soil quality by injecting nutrients and increasing water retention capabilities, both valuable assets in the Australian landscape.

In May 2018, we launched one of Perth’s first organic waste collections for commercial businesses, diverting over 120 tonnes of food waste from landfill in the first five months alone!

The Organic Revolution campaign arose from our belief that organics don’t belong in landfill where it becomes a wasted resource and pollutant.


What can I put in a WRITE Solutions organics bin?

Our organic waste service will take all food scraps (including meat, dairy and confectionery); paper products such as napkins, paper bags and paper straws; and other compostable waste such as coffee grounds. Furthermore, by partnering with a compostable packaging company we can provide a closed loop solution to takeaway food service. All certified compostable packaging can be collected and turned into compost in our process.

By establishing a simple segregation system at the source we ensure that minimal waste ends up in landfill. Instead, all food waste and compostable packaging is taken to a local compost facility and broken down into nutrient rich soil over 120 days.

Who can compost with us?

Our organics service caters for any business that produces organic waste. For example restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, offices, food manufacturers, schools, aged care facilities and food wholesale.

Some of the businesses currently composting with us are the The Camfield, IGO Nova Mine site, Yelo Cafés and the West Coast Eagles. We are dedicated to our customers and work closely with you to establish a sustainable waste system that suits your needs. Furthermore, we actively promote our customers on our social media channels and website. We believe in encouraging our community to support businesses doing the right thing.

Want to learn more about the Organic Revolution?

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