Other Services


Did you know around 95% of the materials found in computers, mobiles and other technology could be reused or recycled? We work with only the best companies in order to recycle over 95% of e-waste we collect. Because of the importance of data security relating to the disposal of computer hard drives, we also offer businesses, government, and individuals a secure option for the safe disposal of their hard drives and other data storage devices.

Sanitary Waste

All our sanitary units fulfill the most stringent hygiene standards for universal cubicle access and placement, and come in both automatic and manual models. We combine strict hygiene standards with discretion, comfort, and ease of use offering a flexible service schedule to meet your individual requirements. Don’t let the freshness and image of your brand go down the toilet due to a lack of proper sanitary unit maintenance.

Bin Cleaning

With Commercial and Industrial bin cleaning now essential for many businesses, especially those dealing with food preparation and waste, we can provide bin cleaning for bins of all sizes. A regular bin cleaning service will help maintain the highest hygiene standards and reduce risk of odors and infestation.


We supply a range of sharps disposal units designed for the safe storage and disposal of contaminated needles and sharps. Properly equipping your washrooms with safe sharps disposal units means that you’re protecting your staff, visitors, and customers from serious infections like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.

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