We have developed several waste and sustainability programs in partnership with schools, businesses and councils. Read through our waste education program outlines below.

Organic Revolution Program

Our Organic Revolution Program is designed to mobilise a community effort to reduce waste to landfill via composting. The Fremantle Organic Revolution saw over 40 businesses join the revolution composting their food waste and compostable packaging.

By partnering with BioPak, a compostable packaging company, we can provide our customers a closed loop solution, allowing for simple segregation at source. All food waste and compostable packaging is taken to a compost facility where over 120 days it is broken down into a nutrient rich soil.

Check out our brochure to learn more.

School Waste Education Program

Our six week School Waste Education Program aims to increase awareness and understanding around sustainable waste practices and management alongside establishing a sustainable waste system on campus. Many school canteens are making the transition to more sustainable packaging options such as compostable packaging. By introducing waste education and sustainable waste management systems within the school we can ensure the compostable packaging is captured and composted, heaping you create a zero-waste canteen.

The program raises awareness within the student and staffing bodies around the impact of packaging on the environment and how we can minimise that impact by composting and recycling effectively, alongside introducing low waste habits.

Our school program is currently being conducted with All Saints College, Christchurch Grammar School, and Methodist Ladies College.

Check out our School Program Brochure to learn more. We have adapted the program to suit each school we work with, ensuring it fits well into the school calendar and aligns with the schools waste goals and previous waste education.

Proving it’s possible to turn packaging into compost and reduce the environmental impact of single-use service ware.

The team at WRITE Solutions have made this enormous transition simple and enjoyable. Working with WRITE Solutions has allowed us to reduce costs, increase diversion rates while providing the confidence the right sustainable approach is being taken.

David York – Director of Property at Guildford Grammar School

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