About Us

Our Story

WRITE Solutions was founded in January 2018 by Robert Dubé and Daragh Maher, a partnership which formed via mutual frustration with the current waste model and practices within the industry. Their aim was to create a company which heightens awareness around waste, and assists businesses and individuals divert waste from landfill and live and work more sustainably.

Our Mission

We are campaigning for a world where waste isn’t wasted and trash becomes a resource. Our Mission is to change people’s perception of waste and help establish a circular economy here in Western Australia. We are inspired by the beauty of our local environment and see the power in protecting our landscape. All systems in nature work in a circular fashion and this forms the concept of the circular economy.

We are reforming what it means to be a waste management company. We aim to not just target the Recycle element of the circular economy map but provide advice and guidance to Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Refurbish prior to taking the recycling route. We have limited resources on our planet and at our current rate we are consuming 1.75 Earths worth of resources each year. The concept of the circular economy aims to divert materials back into society, avoiding pollution and waste.


One of our founding principles is prioritising local waste solutions to ensure your waste has the smallest carbon footprint and resources are circled back into the local community. As the recycling infrastructure within WA grows we hope that more of our waste materials can be reprocessed locally. We ourselves are a local business and have chosen to partner with other local businesses – creating a network to support and help your own business reach your sustainability goals.


We believe transparency is the foundation of trust and as such the waste industry has lost the faith of many people over the past few years. We are transparent with the functionings of our business and can openly explain where your waste goes and why. We believe this is vital to establish positive waste behaviours within the community and increase waste diversion.

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