We provide our customers with organic bins and a weekly collection where the waste is taken to a compost facility and
turned back into compost over a 8 week period, proving its possible to turn packaging into compost, eliminating any harmful issues with wildlife.

  • Weekly collection, no business too big or small
  • Free Waste Audit
  • We provide all bins
  • Marketing material and stickers
  • Staff training and education
  • Social media promotion
  • We can provide other waste and recycling services
  • Product advice

Benefits of our Compost Service:

  • Close the loop
  • Save money
  • Tackle climate change by choosing compostable packaging
  • Lead by example and inspire others to follow

If your business would like to adopt a strong environmental ethos and align yourself with W.R.I.T.E. SOLUTIONS, join the revolution!

Composting Partners:



We have started one of Perth’s first organic waste collections for commercial customers diverting over 120 tonnes of food waste from landfill in the last 5 months. By partnering with a compostable packaging company we can provide our customers a closed loop solution, allowing for simple segregation at source. All food waste and compostable packaging is taking to a compost facility and over 120 days its broken down into a nutrient rich soil.

We were generating a lot of interest from Fremantle businesses and as we live local and understand what people want to achieve. We developed a concept called the FREMANTLE ORGANICS REVOLUTION with the aim to divert over 500 tonnes yearly from landfill.

Businesses We Currently Service in Fremantle:

  • Bruce Town Café – North Fremantle
  • Stacked Café –
  • Ohana Acai Bar
  • Threeo Coffee & Eats
  • Delish Ice
  • Fresh Provisions – Bicton
  • Pluck Café – Bicton
  • Esplanade Hotel
  • Oushk Café
  • Daisies Café
  • The Other Side Café
  • PLC College